Our fabrics use water-based inks, therefore, not containing Volatile organic compound (VOC), which translates into fabrics that don’t harm the environment.



Zoologico Leslie Pantin

Early in 2021 we started an awareness campaign aiming to save and protect our wildlife as well as all our endangered species. We prioritized the consciousness of our actions with regards to endangered species and what we as humans are doing on our daily basis since these species are facing extinction faster than ever.

Save the red siskin

As part of our efforts to preserve our fauna, 20% of the proceeds of our Tucacas print are being donated to the Red Siskin Initiative and to the Flora & Fauna Reserve Leslie Pantin. These two organizations aim to protect and save endangered specie such as the spider monkey and the Red Siskin to name a few.

Autismo en Voz alta

We are PROUD sponsors of the Non Porfit Organization Autismo en Voz Alta. This NGO helps young kids and adults with autism to receive the education they have a right to, regardless of their socio-economic background recognizing special education as the biggest hope for integration and improvement of our societies.

Alimenta Venezuela

Because we care about