Zoologico Leslie Pantin

Zoologico Leslie Pantin

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The Leslie Pantin Zoo is a non-profit wildlife reserve, founded in 1963 by Dr. Leslie Pantin. The main objectives of this space are education, conservation and reproduction of threatened and endangered species. From its facilities, the Leslie Pantin Zoo team carries out different programs with species such as the Orinoco Caiman, the Llanero Galapago, the Zuliano Galapago and the Arrau Tortoise. In addition, they receive and rehabilitate animals that have been confiscated from poachers or given up by people who had them as pets and can no longer take care of them. The work of Zoo Leslie Pantin is very important as it allows the public to learn about the causes that endanger these species, while teaching them how to avoid their extinction, making each person who visits them an active spokesperson for this beautiful cause.

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